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Video Production Malaysia: Video Content In Marketing Strategy

December 21, 2020by superadmin0

Why Should Your Business Use Video Content In Marketing Strategy?

Video production in Malaysia is on the rise right now due to the many benefits of video content. Do not overlook the fact that video content is a significant contributor for business marketing strategy. Why should companies use videos for their marketing strategies? Well, Luminous Entertainment will tell you how! Video content helps lift up brands making them stand out amongst the rest of their competitors. Video content tends to capture the attention of the audience, it gives the audience information on the brand. With various video content choices to choose from, a company can pick the one that resonates with the brand.

You may think that written contents are more likely to engage customers. Wrong! What’s the use of written content when it is not engaging the customer in any way? On the other hand, videos are more capable of captivating the audience’s attention. In the ever so growing digital trends, video content has become an essential aspect in sharing information and engaging the audience. Here are some reasons why you should use videos in your marketing campaigns.

A Video Is Easy To Share

What better reason to use videos in your marketing campaign. Videos create an opportunity for your content to be shared, making your marketing efforts easier. With the existence of Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and other social media platforms, video content plays a major role in marketing for brands. Did you know People are twice as likely to share video content with their friends than any other type of content (Wyzowl, 2019). People tend to consume video more easily compared to text form contents.

As a user yourself, look back on whenever you use social media platforms and how much you spend it on images/videos. Now imagine thousands of people sharing your video content, giving you a tremendous amount of boost towards your marketing efforts. Videos are the best in allowing the viewers to better understand the brand due to the information given using video content. It is not only for giving out information but also for answering any questions that customers usually ask about.

People Loves Videos

People are generally lazy to read, that’s why video makes the most sense! Videos are easy to consume and is the best tool for learning and getting information. People are not keen on reading a lot, they love things that are easy to understand and comprehend. Words aren’t able to show the product working, but videos can. Videos can show the product being used, and this ability drives up the potential of your brand. There are tons of video production companies in Malaysia that can give you a tailormade video that suits your brand.

Videos Are Effective at Increasing Sales

At the end of the day, getting profit is the priority. By giving the relevant information to viewers, it was very easy to convert them into customers. Videos can do this by providing information in a more entertaining and fun way. Written contents tend to be monotone, not giving the brand an edge in drawing in customers. So, whatever video production company you hire, should be able to deliver these features to benefit your brand.

Due to the fact that videos can be made in various ways, it can draw out more attention that targets a wide range of users. Brands that use videos in their marketing effort will definitely increase their sales and brand visibility. With easy and understandable visuals, audiences are easily entertained by it. This method also helps you out with tracking ROI. Easier to track how many viewers actually interacted with your brand.

People love consuming videos! About one-third of online activities are spent on videos. Obviously, videos are a turning point for video marketing. About 1 in 4 consumers loses interest in a brand when there are no videos involved on their website. If the brand makes videos that are interesting and fun to watch, it can motivate people to spend on the brand.

A Video Promotes trust for online buyers

As a brand, you need to have trust with the customer. The main component of making sales is trust. Obtaining this trust gives your customer a sense of loyalty towards the brand. So why not give your brand a trustworthy and reliable look.

So, how can videos gain the trust of customers? Written contents are limited in the terms of showcasing the flavor or feel of the product. With the existence of videos, customers can actually have a visual feel of the product. Based on a study by Wyzowl, 72% of people would rather use video to learn about a product or service than reading written content. Videos can connect to your audiences on an emotional level which is good for marketing efforts as it turns them into future customers.


With all of that said, videos are very good for business. At Luminous Entertainment, we can provide various video production services. Our video production agency consists of a team of professionals that can make your video ideas come to life. We can assure you, out of all the video production companies in Malaysia, we are one of the best there is. Click here to find out more about the service that we offer.


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