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You have the vision. We handle the mission. An excellent video production is managed.
Video Production - Luminous Entertaiment
Video Production - Luminous Entertaiment

Corporate Video Production

We work with global and multilingual companies, agencies and organizations. Our aim is to deliver the best quality video content.
Video Production - Luminous Entertaiment

Promotional Ads Video

We have made internationally recognized commercials and branded content. We love to push limits to create videos that impress, conceptually and visually.
Video Production - Luminous Entertaiment

Animation and Infographic Video

Animation delivers complex messages in simple, engaging and digestible visuals. Our creative animation in-house team can bring your project to another dimension.
Video Production - Luminous Entertaiment

Motion Graphic

Motion graphics can be part of your film, or the star. Our in-house team colours your brand to life, engaging your audiences, maximizing production value.
Great results from a great team

Commercial Video Production

Wish to increase brand awareness? Inspire action? Or simply entertain your audiences? Our in-house video production team works together with you to create content that brings your message that inspires viewers.

We are a team of scriptwriters, creatives, producers, and cameramen. Big enough to meet your needs, small enough to be flexible, and ultimately easy to work with.

We can also walk with you to piece together a video marketing strategy that will boost your video presence across all your digital and social media channels.
Brand Awareness
Introduce your products or services in a way that sets you apart from your competitors, and influences your audiences’ decision making.
End your well-executed and effective commercial with a strong call-to-action statement that evoke countless leads.
Fast & Efficient
Video is still a fast and efficient method to communicate information to clients, investors, staff, even consumers.
Dwell Time
Having video content on your website or social media page increases the amount of time people spend on your page, bridging your clients to you.
Return of Investments (ROI)
Considering that people like to view videos and how it shapes their belief system, producing one for your product or service is definitely worth more than the investment.
Build Trust
Video content builds trust and confidence in your company, as your clients understand your products or services better, compared to text-based content.
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Video Production - Luminous Entertaiment

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