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How Animated Video Simplify Your Story

December 21, 2020by superadmin0

Every business needs animated videos to make their story pop up. It all depends on how you deliver your story, If you deliver it poorly, you might not be able to captivate audiences as much as you wished you could.  A brand’s story distinguishes your business and your competitors. Animated videos will make your brand’s story comes to life. As simple as it looks, it is very ideal for a business to have especially when they need to showcase their product. This type of video will increase brand visibility that will then result in higher sales.

A complex video idea can be simplified into a more simple interesting animated video. Utilizing video animation in explaining your product or brand in a fun way will grab the attention of customers. With this simple concept, they will be able to understand your brand in just a matter of minutes. Based on a study by Wyzowl, they found that 81% of people have been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video. Video animations are truly important in marketing strategy. How can you make an animated video that people will enjoy?

Explaining Product Using Animated Video

Explaining Your Product

A simple 90-second animated videos are able to fully explain your product. Showcase a problem in the video and viewers might relate to the fact that they have the same problem. This animated video showcasing a way to solve the problem using your product will entice the viewer to become a customer.

Not only that but Animated videos also help you answer any inquiries or any customer’s concerns before they even have to ask. Where written content will probably be ignored, an animated can help showcase all in a short amount of time.

By doing this also you will be more connected to your audiences. You will connect to the audience on a more personal level by utilizing a video animation that is full of personality. With this opportunity, you can establish an authentic image for your brand going forward. Only animated video is able to generate a strong connection with the audience due to its incredible power of association.

Voiceover Actor

A Good Voiceover Actor For Animated Video

A good voiceover actor will help the animated video go a long way. Utilizing a voice that is crystal clear and approachable will definitely grasp the attention of viewers, making it easy to explain your story.

Choosing a voiceover actor also depends on what goal or audience you are targeting. For example, explaining a product about feminine products would be best explained by a female. If there exist cultural or language barriers, someone who is a trained professional that can adapt might be best to do the voiceover.

Animation Graphic

Animation Combined With Graphics

Visual stimulations help you explain your brand thoroughly. Viewers tend to like video content. Video animations are more engaging and fun to watch compared to written content. Some things you just can’t explain with written content. For a brand that needs to showcase stats, ideas, and concepts that people will need to take into account in purchasing your product, they need something that can make them understand easily.

Visual animation brings out a strong connection between customers and your brand when done properly. Having this proper visual that connects you with your customers on an emotional level will help your brand gain future prospects much easier. Only video animation allows this to happpen as it is very much engaging and simple to understand.

Good Storyboard

A Good Storyboard

Having a good storyboard is very important. It determines how smoothly your animated video is going to be. A storyboard is utilized throughout the whole process a sit allows a video production company like Luminous Entertainment to make any needed adjustment to the video to ensure we can deliver the best animated video possible to tell your brand’s story.

For a viewer to turn into a customer, they need to be able to understand the message. A storyboard helps you make sure people actually receive and understand your message as you intended it to be accepted. With that said you also need to ensure the message relates to the audience on a deeper level. This is to ensure their retention of your brand will always stay in their mind. Translate your message as clearly as possible for the viewer.

In conclusion, animated videos can tell a story about your brand that words can never do. Video animation provides a lot of opportunities for brands to engage their customers. The more connected the audience feels with the brand, the better it is for the company’s marketing efforts.

Choose the right video production company to produce an animated video that will help you simplify your story and your sales will skyrocket up! Click here to find out more about Luminous Entertainment services.



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