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Latest Trend FMCG Video Production Malaysia

September 22, 2020by superadmin0

What’s Latest Trend in FMCG Video Production Malaysia

Using the latest trend in FMCG video production Malaysia nowadays will be deemed as crucial to compete in the market. If you are left out from using the latest trends, your company may not be a leading competitor in the market now. Below are some new trends that are now dominating the FMCG video production industry.


Live video and Streaming

Live streaming is easier to access for the target audiences. It is cheaper and more efficient compared to other outlets. This makes selling the product more effective to the consumer. Due to the increased interest in social media platforms, it is more easily accessible to audiences.

Social media platforms tend to prioritize live video streamings. On Instagram, users will often get notifications on a user that is doing a live stream. It happens in real-time, therefore they will always notify users to encourage them to join into the livestream.

It increases your chance of getting a bigger audience watching your stream rather than just uploading a recorded video. The outlet will constantly put your livestream up in front for everyone to see.



Cinemagraphs involves a great level of creativity. A fusion of photography and film to create a visual story. This trendy new method was created to give a way for brands to advertise or communicate in a different light with customers. Cinemagraphs are used by a video production company in marketing efforts. They are often also used for platforms such as social media, emails, websites, and digital ads.

Cinemagraphs tend to be more captivating in an artistic way. Cinemagraph can be said to be something like drink pouring into a cup in an endless loop or something along the lines of that. They’re mostly utilized in digital campaigns now where photos or videos can be utilized.


Aerial and GoPro

This is the new gimmick of video production in Malaysia. Having a clear aerial view means having pretty visuals that will get more views. People often develop an interest in pretty and aesthetically pleasing visuals. With easy access to drones, GoPros, and all now, it has become easier to produce aerials shots. With the new trend of shooting 360-degree videos, there have been more consumers of this shot.  Using this technology would prove to be beneficial for video production.

With GoPro functions, people can have a POV view of things. They may enjoy pretending to be a dirt biker or experience the day of a professional wrestler in the comfort of their own homes. Portable, easy to use and it is currently increasing in popularity. This feature can give an overall view of their facilities and the overall work they do at the company. Having this feature will be a wise investment as it will be more and more common in the future of video production.


VR Integration

Virtual reality may not be as easily accessible but they garner a lot of audiences, VR has proved to be an integral use for companies or businesses. A lot of industries that revolve around technology, medicine, and the military have integrated VR. It provides the users with a “real world” feel or scenario that they can experience. Having to experience something that is vivid enough that it feels real but without any harm.


Looped Video

Looped features are becoming a common thing in the market now. People often say that it is satisfying and interesting to watch. Looping also depends on how interesting the content is, people need content that is engaging to them in every way possible, having a video that is worth re-watching is key.


Shoppable Video

It is called a shoppable video because it tends to persuade the viewer into purchasing a product. This feature is now in huge social media platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram where it pops up between regular contents that will lead to the advertiser’s website. This trend is entirely based on the target audience that is often relying on social media for content. A simple but useful new trend that is very useful for every single company.


Projection Mapping

Nowadays, people use this type of video production for expos, trade shows, etc. These various fests or expos often attract a large number of their target audience. It has become an essential tool that they often utilize to gain out immediate attention to their product. When there is attention, it creates a market for their product.

Projection Mapping draws out the attention of the audience as it displays something that is for the target audience. Projection mapping increases the value of your company significantly, as it captures the attention of the target audience in a short amount of time.


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