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10 Tips for FMCG Video Production Malaysia

September 21, 2020by superadmin0


Why do I need an FMCG video production anyways? There are 4 reasons usually. The first one is to increase up your brand credibility. The second one is to ensure an easy access outlet for your audience to digest any information you provide in the video. Thirdly, it gives the audience an insight into how your company is like. Fourth, to connect with the audience more, relating to them on another level. Video production in Malaysia is a growing business due to the number of consumers that it gets, therefore an FMCG video is crucial for businesses to sell their products. Understanding the why is important to understand the next step on tips for FMCG video production.

If you are still wondering what should you do for FMCG video production? Here are 10 tips that you may use for FMCG video production provided to you by the best video production team from Luminous Entertainment.


Planning is the seed of it all. With a solid plan working with a good team, can turn the project into a goldmine. Setting up the proper budget, dates, and proper steps are crucial in creating a good FMCG video. Having this clear vision of how your video is going to be will ensure how it will turn out.

Target Audience

Having the right audience is very important. After all, they are the ones watching the video. Determining who the video is for, how much virality it may get amongst the targeted audience and etc is very important. Be specific in determining the audience, if not you will miss out on getting your point across to the specific audience.

Conveying the Message

What is the message that you are trying to deliver? Creating a message that is engaging to the audience while also catering to your general message is very important. Create a message beginning what you want them to know and end with something that they are going to remember. Create one based on something that will resonate with the audience.

Video Production Agency

There is always a great team behind every successful video production. Hiring a video production agency may be an asset that you may utilize in creating your FMCG video. For example, you are choosing the best video production Malaysia agency there is, they will surely provide you a team that is fully equipped to create a successful video for your FMCG company.


Having creativity is key in selling the video. Having something that is out of the box will attract potential customers to engage in the video and gain their interest more and more that will profit your company. Creativity in relating to the audience would be better. The audience tends to seek some sort of transparency to have some sort of trust with the brand/company. Having some sort of relatable features makes the audience more likely to trust and spend in the company.

Emotional Connection

People tend to resonate with emotional things that will relate to them deeply. Having that level of connection with the audience will increase the chance of them spending on your products. Having a story that can leave a deep connection with them will ensure their loyalty to your company.

Full Attention to Details

When producing your video, you will always need to pay attention to every detail there is. Be it that your team is from a really good video production company, having a clear view of the details that might be left out can be very detrimental for your video production. Take notice of these things to ensure the video is good and perfect.

Good Storyboard

To ensure a smooth running of your story, you need a good storyboard. This is how a good video is made, having a vision for each scene to make the story align properly and making sure the video is visually pleasing to the audience. A good video production company will always ensure the storyboard is very good from start to finish.

Visually Pleasing

Good visuals go a long way in making sure the video is memorable to the audience. When you can show them something rather than telling them, it is easier to sell. Audiences are usually more intrigued by pretty visuals. Keep up the visually pleasing visuals and the audience will constantly engage with your brand, ensuring their loyalty to you.

Video Marketing

Even after all that, you still need a good video marketing service. Even if your video is extraordinary, it won’t sell if it doesn’t have the proper marketing planning. Invest in video marketing and see how your video will skyrocket in views. Maximize the opportunity for your video’s performance to be boosted up in the market!

Here at Luminous Entertainment, we provide all kinds of services that you could use further in your MFCG video production. Being one of the best video production company Malaysia has seen, we will ensure that your video will be as you imagined it to be and better.


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