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6 Ways Animated Video Increase Sales

September 29, 2020by superadmin0

6 Ways Animated Video Increase Sales

What is an animated video? You must only be thinking that of cartoons and animated films. It is not only that animated videos are much more complicated than that. Do you know that businesses that utilize animation in advertising managed to increase their sales by 40%? It is a growing method for a video production method for increasing sales. Businesses nowadays are utilizing this video animation features to build up their online presence and increase up sales through simple animated videos.

Animated video has an edge to capture the attention of customers. It fulfils a certain requirement to increase up the engagement and sales. Video animation made a few points when it comes to visuals and delivering the content without being boring. It has also been proven to match up with any tone the video is. Below are some ways for you to increase sales through animated video production.


Animated Explainer Video

The power when explaining something through visual is well… powerful for when you want to sell something. In a very short time, an animated video can be very helpful in engaging clients to give them what they need to be interested. With the right amount of time, you can explain your product in just a snap. Animated explainers are usually not that long because it is aimed to not bore the audiences and getting the info out there.

Explainer videos can increase up sales by 52%. By making an impeccable impression, the animated video captures the interest of audiences. Animated video explainer company nowadays are using simple graphics and straightforward language, it catches the attention of customers in just a snap. The video explains things through simple visuals and language that are hard to describe in a clear way through just words.


Infographic Video

A generation that consumes a ton of information. The usage of infographic videos has proven to be a must for companies nowadays. Using animated videos for infographic increases the chance of people actually focusing on the video, thus increasing engagement rate. Implementing an animated infographic video will impact your company majorly. People tend to focus on visuals more, having animated visuals will surely be extremely effective in providing information.

An infographic video is brief. No more than 90 seconds. Delivers the idea in a simple and engaging way through a brief period of time. The video focuses more on the target audience’s needs, by basing the content their specific problem, generating a connection between the target audience and business. It also generates brand awareness. Using the colour palette of the brand for the video can further establish the brand identity. It boosts up conversion and sales rate.


Storytelling Video

To tell your story, you must have something that catches the audience attention. You already got the script and all but do you have a compelling visual to go with it? Animated videos have been proven to be flashy and compelling towards audiences therefore getting the audience’s whole attention. This fresh and innovative method is a great way to sell and being helpful to customers.

Nowadays, in business, storytelling videos have become an influential thing in corporate strategy. Making us feel more than a bar graph or chart can. Storytelling videos use story to be more relatable in working up a goal. Storytelling videos tend to spark up an emotional side in the customer and relating the product more towards the audience. It gets your viewers more engaged with the content.


Tutorial Video

Used up for training and tutorial for the audience. It is used to demonstrate the ins and out of the product on how to work it. Animation provides the audiences with an understanding of the product more in a much deeper sense. It could also be used for the company’s employees for the usage of training.


Product Demo Video

Product videos convince the audience to spend on your product. Yup, that’s right. Product demo explains about the product thoroughly, from the creation of the product to the usage and effect of it. Costumers are often intrigued by your product by might not be convinced to spend on it yet.

The viewers will definitely be more interested in your product and video by using this method. Definitely a good way to utilize this method. It also appeals to both visual and test-based learners. Effective for explaining things that could be difficult for someone to refer to. Relies on both text and real-time demonstration to deliver the information.


Landing Page Video

Why do we need an animated landing page video? As we know people tend to be lazy to read. These kinds of videos are easier to consume and make sure that people will stay longer on the site to finish the video thus making sure that the brand message is fully consumed.

This type of video will increase up the conversion rates for the campaign. Having this landing page video will definitely increase up the engagement. The video will lay out all the benefits and eliminate confusions in the customers.


Thus, we have concluded the list. Now you can see how you can utilize animated video production to boost up the sales of your business. The methods we provided is both beneficial towards the business and the customers. Luminous Entertainment also provides various video production services that you can check out here.


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