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Video Production - Luminous Entertaiment
Video Production - Luminous Entertaiment
Mission Powdered Video production

Strategic playing, Quantity production, Market penetration, Result oriented

We are a creative video production house that provides elective digital context marketing.
Video Production - Luminous Entertaiment

Video Production

We have everything you need - production skills, marketing knowhow, technical expertise - to deliver the final video product.
Video Production - Luminous Entertaiment

Video Strategy

Holistic video content program – the strategy, execution (production) and distribution (marketing)

Video Marketing

Our video marketing services help you get the most out of your video with the right distribution channels.
Video Production - Luminous Entertaiment

Video Performance Analytics

We create reports that show the impact of your content, present insights and provide recommendations to guide subsequent marketing activities.
Our Show-reel

Our Experience and Dedication

Create a visual message, or enhance your current message; our creative team can definitely help you. Experience our well-defined and effective process. Let us make your visualization a reality.

It has been a wonderful experience working with the Luminous team. Very professional! Kudos to the team!

JC Chan
Executive Director, Zantat Sdn Bhd

With the kind of work that we deal with, only seasoned and experienced professionals can deliver with merit, and we found the experience of working with Luminous to be one of professionalism, quick execution, and where true experience shone through.

Willy Lim
Daikin Malaysia Sales and Service

Always a pleasant experience working with Luminous Entertainment


Video Production - Luminous Entertaiment
Win More Business With Videos

A well-produced video can make your brand shine

Our video production services include: Strategy Design Audience Analysis, Concept Development, Storyboard Development, Scriptwriting, Talent Sourcing, Filming, Animation, and Video Editing.

Increased In Viewer Taking Actions

Evidence shows more users are likely to take action in engaging with business owners after viewing a video advertisement.

Increased In Executives Taking Actions

A product or service in a video form can substantially create more opportunities for business owners.

Increased In Generating Conversions

Videos of products or services contribute to getting more conversions in business especially on websites and social media platforms.

Increased In Video Sharings

Videos about products or services can be easily shared by clients to their friends and family, increasing brand awareness.
Video Production - Luminous Entertaiment
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Our creative team stands by you as you strategize and level up your business with our video production solutions, from our first video project together, with many more towards the future.
Video Production - Luminous Entertaiment